Check the list of shortage occupations and you’ll soon see that accounting has made the list for several years in a row now. The number of students who choose to study accountancy has similarly seen a steady decline and the stubborn clichés surrounding the profession are tough to break. Which is why 8 accounting and consultancy firms joined forces with rca to turn the tide. 

More than just figures

The term "bookkeeper" nowhere near covers it and hasn’t for some time now. These days, accountants are genuine advisers who work – and think! – strategically in partnership with their clients. 

Our objective with the "Future of accounting" campaign? To brush up the image of accountants by offering insights into the job’s real potential and, in turn, prompting more young people to study accountancy. 



As the figureheads of the campaign, we launched the finfluencers, personified in our case by Bockie de Repper, the sisters Nour and Fatma Daghbouj and their respective accountants. Because if anyone can influence the success of a business, it’s the accountant! 

Can I get a tax receipt?

Through a series of personal videos and fun campaign images, the finfluencers busted many a myth behind the stereotypical image of the accountant. With a clear focus on a young target audience. Bockie and his accountant went in search of 6 forgotten tax receipts at his favourite restaurants. Nour and Fatma called on their accountant, Jill to make their administration as flashy as their TikTok creations.

We took care of the entire campaign, including the digital communication, the web platform, and the press conference, which among others was held in the presence of Minister Ben Weyts. Six Flemish colleges and adult education also got behind the initiative. 

Other work for Accountants Van Morgen 

Going beyond together 
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