Imagine your cat or dog runs away. Naturally, you want to get your pet back as quickly as possible. But the EU’s GDPR regulations can be a spanner in the works. Because even if your four-legged friend has been chipped, only a few organisations are authorised to access the info on that chip. And few pet owners know that. So, the Flemish government department for environment approached us to develop an online campaign. 

The idea is simple: check your pet’s chip on the website, check whether the info on there is correct and give your consent to make it publicly available. That way, more people will be able to scan the chip and lost pets will find their way back home much faster.

Not your usual suspects

The campaign had to appeal to a large audience: anyone who shares their home with a cat or dog. Which is why we called on two well-known faces to reach this exceptionally broad target audience. 

But we didn’t go for the obvious celebrity animal friends like An Lemmens or Chris Dusauchoit, but instead two famous Flemings with very diverse interests and followers: animal lovers Natalia and Karl Vannieuwkerke signed up bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Via two online videos, the duo told the shocking tale of how they once lost their pets and referred viewers to They used a teaser to launch the campaign on their own social channels, after which the campaign ran for 6 weeks on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Programmatic.

In addition to the strategy and the concept, RCA also developed a communication package which intermediaries like vets and animal shelters could use to pass on the message. And we organised a press conference where Minister for Animal Welfare Ben Weyts underlined the importance of the campaign complete with a demonstration of how to check your chip for the journos. 

If that doesn’t deserve a pat on the back

The press conference was met with an enthusiastic reception: 11 articles and mentions on broadcasts such as VRT Journaal and Radio 2. Good for a reach of more than 4 million and over €100k in advertising value. We counted nearly 59,000 clicks on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Programmatic and generated over 22.5 million impressions. Natalia and Karl’s videos also clocked up 120,000 organic views.

But most importantly, we achieved the actual goal of the campaign. 113,000 dogs were registered during the campaign year in 2021, an increase of 4.5% compared with 2020. And the cat database passed the 100,000 mark, an increase of 9%. Meowch!

Going beyond together 
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