Sustainability is a top priority at Brabantia. So, when the household product brand wanted to create awareness for the environmental impact of fast fashion, we thought the launch of their new Linn clothing rack provided the perfect moment. Enter the #LinnChallenge.

Fashion influencers who change outfits three times a day: that’s run of the mill these days. Which is why we challenged them to use the Linn clothes rack and make it through 20 days on just 20 items of clothing.

The influencers were the stars of the campaign. Beyond just supplying the products, we also helped them create content. Resulting in fun videos and inspiring blog articles like "4 tips for more conscious clothing", which we complemented with press releases and social ads. The content was bang on target amongst the intended audience (women aged 24 to 45). And judging by the interactions, it clearly touched a nerve, sparking debate on a sensitive but all-important topic.

The campaign first ran for a short period in Belgium in 2020: just six weeks from teaser to close. However, due to its overwhelming success, the campaign was repeated in 2021 and 2022 in the Netherlands, Germany, and France.

25 influencers took part in the Linn Challenge in Belgium and the Netherlands. They created 250 content updates ranging from posts and reels to stories, with a reach of around 838,000 and no fewer than 25,000 interactions on their social media posts. To which we added nearly 1 million impressions via an intelligent use of social advertising.

The campaign also resulted in an increase in traffic and sales. Compared with the period before the campaign, the number of sessions and page views on the Linn page rose by 20% during the six-week campaign. 

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