Totalling over 1,000 growers and 170 products, BelOrta is Belgium’s largest fruit and vegetable cooperative and a market leader in Europe. Their mission? To maximise revenue for their growers by giving their produce a commercial boost. Our mission? To boost their brand preference, so that BelOrta could evolve into a true love brand. Look at the fruit of our labour below.

From recognition to preference

Fresh fruit and veg as a category typically lack identity and distinctiveness. In most cases, it is either a mere bulk commodity or dominated by house brands. Nevertheless, BelOrta had already succeeded in linking its brand name to the category. So, in 2021, our main goal was to give brand preference a leg-up. Because they’d already managed to achieve solid brand recognition. 


Our campaigns put BelOrta’s fruit and veg centre-stage. Mouth-watering imagery was combined with delicious copy. And thanks to the clear brand architecture we expounded, a single, highly recognisable visual style ran through it all. From OOH to packaging in the fresh produce aisle: we made certain that a consistent brand identity was applied everywhere.

Our media strategy, in turn, maximised BelOrta’s share of voice (the ratio of BelOrta’s communication investments to that of other players on the market). 

From brand preference to brand love

Our 2021 approach succeeded in securing market traction, which meant that in 2022 we could hone our strategic objectives even further. For Flanders, brand love became the spearhead of our approach, while we took steps to break onto the Walloon market, boosting brand recognition amongst Belgium’s French-speaking community. We focused on the local character of BelOrta produce to differentiate the brand in the market.

We stimulated brand recognition in Wallonia with TV ads, while radio turned out to be the best approach to awaken brand love for BelOrta in Flanders. Online, we combined more generic spring and autumn campaigns with specific product campaigns as well as an always-on layer coupled with conversation management.

Visually, we joined the dots with 2021 but copy-wise, we steered the messaging around the new baseline, "Heerlijk van hier" (or "Deliciously local").

And the cherry on the icing on the cake? Our well received activation campaigns whet consumers appetites for the brand, boosting both recognition and preference. 

Ander werk voor BelOrta 

Going beyond together 
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