What we did

Fact: it’s money that keeps people in Flanders awake at night, not their health. But only a third of the population are actively trying to sort out their finances. A new bank has come onto the market in the hope of changing this, with a specific approach encapsulated in an app. Bank de Kremer is not just another fintech player. It is a bank responding to a specific need. And we helped them develop and launch their new brand.

What’s in a name?

Bank de Kremer stands on the sturdy shoulders of two organisations that set a benchmark in the Belgian banking sector, Bank J.Van Breda & C° and Delen Private Bank. The new brand needed to carve out a clear niche for itself within this group.

We decided to call it after a person for symbolic reasons. Instead of naming it after a founding father or mother, we delved into our collective history and found the sixteenth-century cartographer Mercator. This man – aka Gerard de Kremer – mapped our planet, enabling sailors to plot courses around the world.

The logo reinforces this symbolism. The other banks in the group were a reliable source of inspiration for the start-up’s visual and design language.

It’s a launch

The launch campaign had a strong mantra: “You only know what’s possible when you know what you’ve got”. Have you ever experienced that amazing sense of calm after doing the spring-cleaning? The feeling that you ‘can take on the world’ when your inbox is finally empty? Clarity creates insight. And your financial situation is no different. Clarity enables you to make the right choices to manage your assets, now and in the future. We came up with our campaign in the kitchen. Literally. Sometimes just reading a list of ingredients inspires and encourages you to make a tasty dish. The same applies to your assets! We partnered with the fine folks at Lovo Films to create an attractive advert that rewinds from the finished dish to the place you start from, the list of ingredients.

Schermafbeelding 2019 04 26 om 08 36 37

1, 2, 3: action!

The activation campaign after the launch emphasised all the things the app can do. We document and record our entire lives on our smartphones. But so far, we have yet to extend this ongoing trend of the ‘quantified self’ to our finances. And that is a missed opportunity. We chose to highlight this clearly for our target audience, using radio, print and creative billboarding during a TV show (De Slimste Mens), a stunt with the cyclist Jan Bakelants and structural performance marketing.

“I had never heard of RCA but I immediately felt that we were in good hands and everything they’ve done so far has only confirmed my first impression. No-nonsense, focused, human and warm. We really are building Bank de Kremer together.”

Mieke Janssens, CEO Bank de Kremer