Alden Biesen

Branding cultural heritage

So much in one castle

The Land Commandery Alden Biesen in Bilzen is not only a magnificent heritage site but also an international culture and conference centre as well as a tourist attraction. It’s a pity that so many people have yet to discover this little gem. We felt it was high time to put this amazing place on the European map.

With, we developed a wonderful, contemporary website to highlight every facet of this wonderful site. We designed it in Drupal to enable the client to manage the user-friendly system by himself. So what does the Land Commandery have to offer? What goes on there today and how about the castle’s history? Apart from informing the public the main aim was to convert and point culture, nature and music lovers in the direction of Alden Biesen to attend events, rent conference halls or take part in European projects or one of the many other activities there.

 After the initial brainstorming session with all departments of Alden Biesen, our digital experts made a conscious choice to divide the ‘brand’ into five separate themes or ‘castles’ with corresponding icons. After all, every castle has its own conversion goals and target groups that do not fit into in a single whole. An additional advantage of this strategic division is that it illustrates the wealth and diversity of Alden Biesen, starting from the homepage.

The homepage is a large and striking picture of Alden Biesen. The castle logo serves as the basis together with the other icons we designed. The client instantly liked our contemporary look. The design of the site was even used as the guide for their new house style: all communications used a designated colour and icon per castle.    

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Content analysis

First of all, we structured the large body of information the client wanted to put on the site. We set up a clear framework according to target groups, desires and conversion goals while deleting all superfluous or repetitive content. Based on a content analysis per castle, we laid out ‘user stories’. Per text box we listed one or several ‘calls to action’ for conversion.

The wireframes

Our functional analyst took the content and designed a navigation path according to best practices. Every page was clearly rendered in diagrams to make it easy for the client to see what the website would look like. Also, this was an excellent way of briefing the web designer.


  • Communication counselor:Svea Thielen
  • Art director:Marleen Thoelen
  • Developer / Project manager:Michiel Meuris
  • Wireframes:Three Sixty
  • Webdesign:Three Sixty

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