Bayer Animal Healthcare

Product campaign

Cuckoo! Time for a creative Bayer campaign!

Selling anti-worm products, is that boring? Not according to our creative team! For Bayer Animal Healthcare, RCA Group proved to be a loyal ally in the rollout of a new campaign. The aim? Introducing pharmacists in Flanders and Wallonia to the products Drontal Cat and Drontal Dog…

Most consumers don’t know that their dog or cat needs four shots a year against various types of worms. That is why our main strategic focus was on ‘disease awareness’, viz. informing consumers about the dangers and risks parasites cause for pets as well as their owners. Our creative team put their thinking caps on and came up with several ideas and original angles. Eventually we opted for the concept of the ‘Poopoo clock’. Excuse me? Yes, you read that correctly! Apart from ‘disease awareness’, time is the key aspect in the communication on this topic and that’s why we brought in an authentic cuckoo clock – albeit depicted through the hind quarters of a dog or cat: all of a sudden, a bird with a worm in its beak flies from the pet’s behind, sending the crystal-clear message that it’s time to worm your cat or dog again.

We sent a copy of our striking poster to every pharmacist in Flanders and Wallonia. Unfortunately we couldn’t mention the name of the product on the poster due to the strict legislation on the communication regarding pharmaceuticals. 

We went in search of an experienced carpenter who could build us a clock from scratch. The cat and dog poo was edited in especially for the photo shoot. After the shoot, our partner in crime The Pickles set about making the final footage as realistic as possible. Their excellent 3D editing took the post production quality to the next level, for which we owe them a debt of gratitude!

To strategically adapt the campaign to the seasons, we always publish an ad with a derivative Poepoeksklok which is decorated according to the season.

We provided the pharmacists with an original dispenser that contains flyers showing all product info. The dispenser is a sensor with a birdie that says 'cuckoo' whenever you pass by. We certainly attract the attention of every visitor and potential pet owner!

Pharmacists who have a big screen can show an animated version of the 'Poepoeksklok'. Given the public nature of this medium, no products are displayed.


  • Communication counselor:Svea Thielen, Stéphanie Perugio
  • Strategic / creative director:Tom Van den Bergh
  • Junior art directors:Bruno Hansen, Joris Bochman
  • Copywriter:Tom De Vliegher
  • Graphic designer:Claudia Poorters
  • Traffic manager:Caroline Leyssens
  • Production:The Pickles

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