HR campaign

Call it a spark, call it an ‘aha’ moment!

As a major international accountant and advice organisation, KPMG is always on the lookout for new employees. RCA Group was asked to come up with an HR campaign entirely in line with their corporate story ‘Smart Always Wins’…

Over the years, KPMG has managed to build a very strong employer brand: for eight years running, the brand has won the title of ‘Top Employer’ in Belgium. In various domains (Audit, Tax & Legal, Advisory and Accountancy) they are constantly hiring a broad range of profiles. Suitable candidates? By definition they are top in their field. Not only should they be able to develop an approach, they must know how to put it into practice and explain it to the client. Experience is a great asset but KPMG also explicitly targets young graduates or final-year students.

The AHA!-concept RCA Group elaborated for the HR campaign fits perfectly with that ambition. After all, KPMG is looking for people with the ability to give the client an ‘aha erlebnis’. This is a situation that creates a sudden new insight in a previously elusive problem. This happens when you’ve been chasing a solution for a long time when all of a sudden it hits you: ‘aha, that’s another way of looking at it’.

The campaign message is simple, accessible and linguistically and culturally neutral. After all, English is KPMG’s official language and the Dutch AHA! idea also works in that international context. The visual concept is also very recognisable and flexible. We selected various AHA! communicators to boost KPMG’s employer brand even more.

In order to convince students (commercial engineering, TEW, IT, law, accountancy, etc.) in their third, fourth or final year of training to apply for a job with KPMG, we organised movie events in Leuven, Antwerp and Brussels. Via they could register to attend a free premiere and get to know the company. We sent out eye-catching invitations in print as well as a fun mailing.

We wanted to design more than ‘just another’ information leaflet so we came up with the ‘Book of Ide-AHA!s’, an original ringed notebook with a flap. The notebook clearly puts KPMG in the spotlight but the blank notebook can also be used to jot down spontaneous thoughts or brilliant AHA!-ideas. Ever so practical!

KPMG is a dynamic company so they frequently take part in (job) fairs, info sessions and other events. To draw attention, we designed a full-blown stand including roll-ups and flyers in A4 format. Visitors to the stand left with a nice giveaway, viz. a waterproof notepad with a pencil and a sucker. It’s the perfect aid when inspiration hits under the shower or when you’re in the bath.

Bannering on KPMG’s career site was used to reinforce the campaign message, as were ads in various career magazines.


  • Partner:Sandra Vandoren
  • Strategic / creative director:Tom Van den Bergh
  • Junior art director:Bruno Hansen
  • Art director:Karolien Schroeyen
  • Copywriter:Christel Vaes
  • Graphic designers:Mario Moris, Claudia Poorters
  • Developer / Project manager:Sven Vandevenne

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