What we did

Everyone knows Vanden Borre. The brand has spent years developing consumer trust, as reflected in its baseline. Their infamous piano jingle has almost become cultural heritage. But today’s market is changing rapidly, following the emergence of online players such as Amazon and Coolblue. How can Vanden Borre and its physical and online shops keep the brand relevant for a young target audience that is inclined taking its business elsewhere? We were confident that we would be able to tackle this strategic question.

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The brain & the heart

Emotion through storytelling

We used a strategic exercise to map the competition and brand and to set a course. Vanden Borre needed to strike the right note with its young target audience without discarding the brand’s ‘heritage’. By injecting both brains and emotion into the brand, we incited shoppers to take action. We show and tell how Vanden Borre is there for people throughout their lives. On the big and little occasions that really matter, you can always rely on Vanden Borre.

The power of repetition. The power of repetition.

We pitched the same story consistently in all our communication. That is how you build a brand and create a shift in brand equity. The TV campaign showed familiar occasions involving Vanden Borre either directly or indirectly. By creating many different ads, we made the brand’s presence really tangible. And audible, because radio also played a prominent role in this campaign with clever adverts dotted with authentic moments and intelligent humour.

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Vanden Borre delivers on its promises. At a time in 2018 that really mattered to many people – the Football World Cup – people knew they could count on Vanden Borre. The Red Squad team was on hand to help football supporters, who were on the verge of missing the match because of problems with their TV. We encouraged people to share their stories on social media. An aftermovie after every campaign was the delicious icing on an already tasty cake.