What we did

In early 2018, New Balance reissued its iconic 574 sneaker after exactly 30 years. The sports brand made a deliberate choice to promote the classic grey model because it is timeless, it goes well with everything and it refuses to submit to trends. 

To underscore the relaunch, New Balance launched an international ‘Own Grey Day’ on 15 March.

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direct mailing





Tease & launch


We started by sending a printed grey card with white laces around it to various journalists and influencers, to pique their curiosity.

Asking them for their shoe size immediately provoked a flood of curious reactions.

On the day of the relaunch we shared a video that emphasised the power of grey and an independent lifestyle. Our partner for the video was Ish Aït Hamou, the perfect brand ambassador. As a dancer, choreographer, presenter, author and creative mind, this Belgian of Moroccan origin is simply impossible to pin down. He is genuine, inspiring and committed, and his audience is large and diverse. So New Balance was more than happy to walk in his shoes.

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