Revamping corporate identity

Back to the goose...

For four generations, Fja-Oeyen from Mol has been manufacturing duvets that are world-famous in Belgium. Our job was to further develop the sales platform and gave the brand a thorough makeover…

In recent years, Fja-Oeyen noticed a drop in visitors on trade fairs. Also, the exclusive duvets were only sold in their own two shops in Mol and Antwerp. To boost sales, we developed a new website with an integrated, compact online shop. We were also asked to redesign the logo and the house style. As was the case with the old logo, they asked us to get a goose in there somewhere, but in a contemporary way. Just one look at the logo and it’s clear what Fja-Oeyen’s core product is. The addition of ‘duvet specialists’ rules out any lingering doubt. 

The new logo has a stylish and pure character. It calls to mind key words such as authenticity, craftsmanship, family traditions and pure Belgian quality.

The house style applications give the logo the room it deserves. The design is consistent from the letterhead to the new website and is eminently recognisable. Fja-Oeyen is ready for the next generation…

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  • Senior communication counselor:Ria Indeherberg
  • Communication counselor:Wouter Buntinx
  • Art directors:Marleen Thoelen, Karolien Schroeyen
  • Graphic designer:Mieke Donné

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