What we did

Technology, automation and digitisation: they create a lot of jobs, but they eliminate plenty of others. The world is moving very fast and that affects us all. As a labour market director, the Flemish public employment agency VDAB wants to get jobseekers, employees, employers and partners on the move and keep them moving. Throughout their entire career. To reinforce this message, we devised a dynamic campaign bursting with energy.

VDAB Portretfoto EN

Move it

VDAB does much more than merely help jobseekers find work. The employment expert uses its extensive knowledge, effective tools and ambitious network to help everyone find good, long-term jobs. But how can you reach an active population of 4.5 million Flemings? And how do you tell them that they need to focus on their career today to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges? Right: with a strong overall concept that will retain its relevance in the years to come and is easily translated into empowering campaigns.



We kicked off the campaign with a striking, 60-second ad on TV and in cinemas. The music, storyline and camerawork emphasised VDAB’s dynamism. The ad covered all aspects of a career, from interviewing to working, lifelong learning and career switches. It even touched upon dismissal, because this can also lead to new opportunities.

Throughout the ad you see active people moving on the job. And they can count on VDAB’s help at every step of the way. The closing message, ‘And everything moves’, summarises the story and emphasises the organisation’s strong ambitions.

Joining forces to create employment

‘And everything moves’ will also pop up in print and on social media. In the next few years, this concept will become the spearhead of VDAB’s new communication and positioning. We hope to inform, inspire and activate everyone to focus on developing their career. With VDAB’s support of course, now and in the future!