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    Hoe kan de voedingssector zich voorbereiden op een onrustig najaar?

    In uw kot blijven én eten: het deed de omzetten in supermarkten pieken. De Belg is ook meer online gaan kopen en zou, volgens onderzoek van Comeos en Thomas More Hogeschool, dit ook blijven doen.

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    B.Bart Klerckx

    Advertising: watch or fast forward?

    Is advertising inevitably irritating crap? Of course not. But things are increasingly going really wrong right now. Our creative director Bart tries to understand exactly why.

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    R.Ria Indeherberg

    Fewer figures, more love?

    Sometimes there’s a fine line between marketing and stalking. At least in the eyes of someone who has been in the business for several decades.

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    T.Tom Van den Bergh

    Big little risks: when brands collaborate

    H&M has done it with Karl Lagerfeld and Lidl with Heidi Klum. Brands should, may and can experiment. And in some cases, they come up with some surprisingly creative must-haves.

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    P.Peter Coox

    6 quick wins in recruitment communication

    In an increasingly restricted labour market, employers are forced to become ever more creative to attract the few available candidates. Some are more inventive than others.

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