R.Ria Indeherberg

As someone who has been in the business for a long time, I tend to have a reluctant and sometimes downright sceptical attitude to new trends. I’m one of those dinosaurs who witnessed the birth of the ‘world wide web’. But I’ll be the last to deny it set quite a lot in motion for brands and marketeers.

Fast, faster, more…

In a sense, a brand is like a fine wine. It needs time to mature. Our business is all about identifying consumer insights and then packaging them in communication that makes brands stand out. And persevering as well. You need to repeat yourself to get the message across. But how often do you need to repeat something?

Brands and providers seem to be behaving more and more like stalkers. Consumers would sometimes do well to think twice before searching for information online. For the price of a pair of sneakers, for example. Even before you’ve found what you were looking for, you’ll be followed day and night on Facebook, Google, Instagram… you name it. Even your mailbox is now filling up with urgent messages. So what will happen in the (not so distant) future when Alexa starts to monitor all your messages? I sometimes wonder if this is still even marketing? In my day, we used to call it stalking.

Good profiling = good programming?

It’s true that not everything was better in the past. To be honest, I’m actually very grateful to Google for offering us more clarity about target groups and giving us measurable results at our fingertips.

But, come on, aren’t individuals more than just a ‘persona’? I do agree that algorithms are a brilliant tool. But does that mean you should rely blindly on programmatic planning, targeting and retargeting? Sometimes things spiral out of control. Because, dear Zalando, I won’t be inclined or compelled to buy those sneakers even if they pop up on my screen over a hundred times in just a few days. In fact, your onslaught may even have the opposite effect. In my case, I’m already bored with these sneakers before I have even tried them on (put it down to my female fickleness, whatever). Or perhaps, which is even worse, I’ve had enough of Zalando. Scary, right?


Shouldn’t we seek to restore the balance? And combine the best of both worlds? Shouldn’t every brand, organisation or company strive to grab consumers’ attention, based on the right insights, and make them fall in love? Rather than constantly harassing them and only paying any attention to Google Analytics? We used to call this ‘brand love’. I realised this notion is more relevant than ever as I leafed through ‘How to build a brand worth talking about’ by Graham Brown, Jamal Benmiloud and Paul O’Shannessey. Some things never change.

Ria Indeherberg

Account Director

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