• Think

    Social media is not a goal in itself. Anyone who dares to utter the words ‘we are doing something on Facebook’ will be sent to a Siberian labour camp for 2 years. Guaranteed!

    Each of these platforms has its own audience, rules and opportunities. We make sure that Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc. are used appropriately in your digital ecosystem.

    From content planning and creation to the full integration of social media in your customer care processes and training your team. We take care of all the workflows, processes and clear benchmarks. We adapt our methods to your organisation (and not the other way around).

  • Do

    As your partner, we take on the role you need and want. As a strategic sparring partner, we take a closer look at how all your social media channels work and identify opportunities. In tactical terms, we can offer full-scope social media management. That might seem like a lot but it is absolutely essential. We have a fine array of creative talent, advertising experts and community managers at hand who can’t wait to offer any form of social support you may require.

  • Learn

    The only way to make progress is to constantly measure, report and adapt. Every month, we report certain sets of key metrics and content achievements. We discuss them at length in quarterly strategic meetings. That’s how we link learning and quick wins in the short term to more in-depth optimisation, enabling us to tweak your social media presence at a structural level.