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  • Think & Make

    Well-considered communication with the support of your employees. That is the core of corporate communications. That is why we always start with an analysis. It enables us to chart the ongoing processes. We do this by organising in-depth interviews with people at all levels of the organisation, plus some serious desk research. Then we use workshop sessions to map out all the different touchpoints and how they are used. That input helps us establish a clear plan that starts right at the very heart of the organisation. One that includes the roles of every internal channel, several action points and benchmarks and even a blueprint for content. The plan taps into the organisation’s vision and culture as well as corresponding to the employees’ expectations and needs.

  • Do

    Once the roll-out has started, we change tack. We shift focus from the general who maps out the strategy to the soldier in the trenches. We develop the necessary guidelines, planning schedules and templates to ensure that all communication goes smoothly and efficiently. We also determine the appropriate tone of voice and put it into practice everywhere from internal campaigns across all the functional channels to targeted actions for a select audience.

  • Learn

    We strongly believe in a learning-based approach, even for internal communication. That is why we measure the impact of all our campaigns. We set the benchmarks together, combining qualitative and quantitative measurements. Quantitative data might include the use of platforms, or the volume of questions or registrations for in-house training. Qualitative metrics go even further and are just as important. Internal surveys provide insight into how knowledge levels increase, a vision is adapted or a mindset changes. This is the only way to do things even better next time.