Audi Ok
Haven Ok
  • Identity

    Employer branding means defining who you are and who you are not as an employer. And explaining this to people or getting your own people to explain it. We hate to break it to you, but you’re not unique. Luckily you don’t need to be. Being authentic is what really matters. That is why we don’t believe in defining your strategy in a meeting room. We firmly believe in a workshop approach where we try to find your reality and develop a consistent story for corporate communication and marketing. Then we turn that into interesting storylines combined with targeted campaigns.

  • Story

    A strong employer brand is recognisable. Appealing. Surprising sometimes, but always well-thought out. Nothing is left to chance. After all, your own people are key. And people who work together make for good stories. The kind of stories potential employees want to read because they give them the most accurate idea of their future. Few things have more impact than a new job. New colleagues, a new work-life balance, a new financial situation.

    Remember: a nice story is worthless if nobody reads it. A carefully crafted media mix, ranging from traditional job boards and print ads to social media, is a crucial aspect of employer branding today.

  • Marketing

    It goes without saying that HR processes need continual evaluation. And employer branding is no exception. We believe firmly in a results-oriented approach with transparent metrics and crystal-clear reporting. This helps us understand better which media and methods work.

    And that might be different for every profile. This is how we make the most of your campaigns, regardless of whether our goal is awareness or taking a very tactical approach to filling vacancies.