• Think

    An adequate and efficient response to a crisis is just as important as dealing with the situation itself. You can only defuse the situation behind the scenes and communicate clearly to the public once you’ve got all your ducks in a row.

    You know what people are like: they only install burglar alarms after a robbery. Crisis situations are no different. It’s far smarter to have an action plan before a crisis happens.

    So preparation is key, with your crisis management and communication plan taking pride of place. Align your processes, people and resources in advance for a faster, more efficient reaction.

  • Do

    And if the red light does start flashing, our advisers are there to assist you every step of the way. We will be there behind the scenes and as your public spokesperson if necessary. We provide support on every level: from online monitoring and social care to drafting the right messages and holding statements.

  • Learn

    Every crisis means you will be better prepared for the next one. As long as you analyse your performance. We keep a crisis log of all the action taken, step by step. Afterwards we look at any bottlenecks that occurred and how they were resolved. This might mean anything from small, practical measures (not enough power sockets in the war room) to a substantial adjustment of processes and more in-depth training for employees. Did we already mention that we have years of experience in media training and coaching?