• Think

    Impactful thinking leads to impactful communication. The launch of a new product, positive economic results for your company, an acquisition or change of management might sound technical and boring. But not if you present them in the right way. If we help your stakeholders see the world in a way that makes your story look relevant, linking it to the world they live in, we create impact. And that just happens to be our motto. We search for the relevance in what you do and implant it meaningfully into your stakeholders’ lives.

  • Make

    We deliver communication that works and strengthens your entire corporate brand, with targeted corporate PR, employer branding and internal communication, always built on strategically smart foundations. Whether it’s a matter of serious discussions in conference rooms, new vision statements or fun chats about change at the water cooler: corporate communication will fine-tune these stories and convey them to the right stakeholders with a well-considered communication plan.

  • Do & Learn

    We develop a personalised corporate marketing mix: digital, print, video, events and so on. Every target audience has times and places where they are more receptive to a relevant message. Your relevant message. We activate your touchpoints – the press, internet and intranet, annual reports, job platforms and search engines, CRM, magazines, the workplace etc. – or create new touchpoints if necessary and use them to achieve your goal.

    Corporate communication is just as quantifiable as all your other communication efforts. Everything we do needs to be mapped out in terms of quantity and quality. We do this using the latest data collection and analysis techniques. This way you always know where we are coming from, where we are heading and where we are now.