Privacy Declaration

As one of the main players in the wondrous world of marketing and communication, RCA Group NV should lead by example with regard to privacy and the protection of personal data. We attach a great deal of importance to providing you with adequate information so you know exactly where, why and how your data are used and protected, and by whom. If you still have some questions when you’ve finished reading please do not hesitate to contact us. Or simply drop by if you’re in the neighbourhood, we’ve got coffee.

Please note that use of this website constitutes your unconditional acceptance of the present privacy declaration, including the way(s) in which we capture, process and use your personal data.

Our place in the bigger scheme of things

As a marketing and communication business we mainly process (personal) data on behalf of our customers. In GDPR terms this is called a ‘Processor’. In other words, in the majority of cases RCA Group NV does not own this personal data. For each of these processing operations a ‘Processing Agreement’ is established between RCA Group NV and the client or, if applicable, between RCA Group NV and its subcontractors. Such an agreement details which personal data the parties can process (and which they can’t), the purpose of these processing operations, how long the data are kept and which security measures each party must put in place.

Of course we will take all necessary precautions to make sure your personal data cannot be shared by our clients and are stored safely in the cloud.

Your personal data at RCA itself

In addition to the work we do for our customers you ended up on this page by going through our website. Perhaps you were curious as to our privacy approach, or perhaps you’re a fan of intelligible legal texts. Whichever the case, we like to communicate clearly.

Which data do we process?

RCA Group NV may process (amongst others) the following personal data:

  • Identification data
  • Financial details
  • Personal characteristics
  • Physical characteristics
  • Lifestyle
  • Family composition
  • Leisure and interests
  • Memberships
  • Consumer habits
  • Home characteristics
  • Training and education
  • Occupation and position
  • National registry number
  • Audio & video recordings

RCA Group NV also collects anonymous information on your use of this website. Which sections of the website you visit, how long and when, which browser or device type you use and, possibly, your IP address or ISP (Internet Service Provider). However, RCA Group NV cannot identify you based on the above-mentioned personal data. These data are only used for the optimisation and continuous improvement of this website and our services.

How do we obtain these data?

Depending on your relationship with RCA Group NV, you will provide us with different categories of personal data. We have our customers’ financial details and we know certain things about our staff such as their family composition and their national registry number. Obviously we do not have specific information of that nature on regular website visitors as yourself.

One thing is certain – either you personally provided us with the data we do possess or we obtained it from a publicly available data source.

For what purpose do we use all these data?

Again, depending on the nature of your relationship with RCA Group NV this data will be used to:

  • Execute our agreement;
  • Provide support;
  • Provide you with direct marketing actions, relevant newsletters, promotional offers, etc. in accordance with the preferences you’ve indicated;
  • Establish statistics, measure customer satisfaction, ...;
  • Optimise and adjust our website;
  • Fulfil our legal obligations;

Who has access to these data?

You, of course. As long as the data consists your personal information, you can obtain a copy of the data we keep on you by simple request. Also, your data will under no circumstances be passed on to third parties unless as part of the performance of our services.

A simple example: When we send out direct mails we use a software application. So it’s only logical that we should pass on your data (in this case your email address) to that software application. When we calculate your salary we pass on your data to the payroll company, and they are also a third party.

Simply put: we never pass on your data to third parties unless...

  • with your explicit consent;
  • this is necessary to execute our agreement and we have concluded a DPA or Data Processing Agreement with this third party that stipulates what can and must be done with your data;
  • we are or come under a legal obligation to do so.

    With the use of third parties and so-called Saas (Software-as-a-service) services from outside the EU in particular, we attach a great deal of importance to parties who can present a Privacy Shield, or that offer the possibility of working with official EU model contracts.

    Storage of your data

    Your personal data are only stored for as long as strictly necessary. Data minimisation is one of our focal points, and the smaller the data volume we need to protect, the simpler our task. This means we only keep your data for as long as necessary or relevant.

    Your rights

    In light of your relationship with RCA Group NV you can exercise certain rights. Here is an exhaustive list:

    • right of access
    • right to rectification
    • right to erasure
    • right to restriction of processing
    • right to data portability
    • right to object against the processing

    You can exercise these rights via our ‘rights portal’. This way we can be certain that no queries get lost and that every question is submitted to the right person.

    It is important to note that not all of these rights are absolute in character. If the exercise of your rights as an individual includes the risk of harming other individuals, the matter will be taken under advisement to make sure the exercise of your rights doesn't cause damage.

    A simple example: If you ask us to delete your email address then we will not delete your address but add it to a separate ‘NO LONGER CONTACT’ data list so we can be sure you will no longer be contacted in the future in a way you have deemed unacceptable. Suppose that 3 months from now, we discover that our email list was copied last week, then the law stipulates that we must still be able to inform you of this, even if you have unsubscribed in the meantime. That’s why we prefer to take this pragmatic approach.

    Security measures

    RCA Group NV does everything in its power to protect your data securely and according to the common technical and organisational techniques, against loss, misuse, access or modification.

    That is why all your data are stored in the cloud and why targeted agreements have been concluded with all service providers so that security is always the number one concern. All of our staff’s devices are encrypted and 2-factor authentication is used whenever possible. Moreover, everyone has access to a password manager to prevent passwords from being recycled and to make sure that passwords are strong enough.

    However, we all know it is impossible to fully protect data transferred via the worldwide web. This means RCA Group NV cannot guarantee absolute protection of data, no more than any other company could.

    Still have a complaint?

    That’s possible. We will gladly work towards a solution. You can submit your question via (or you can simply call, but the use of guarantees that your question will be handled by the right person).

    You can also contact the Data Protection Authority directly (formerly known as the Privacy Commission). You can contact them at or +32 2 274 48 00.

    Last update: 7 June 2019

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