Where does your brand slot into the market and how does it compare to the competition? Gearing your communication strategy to this is like playing a game of chess. That is why, internally, we address each other with the suffixes -pov and -asparov.

Every client and employee is a spokesman or spokeswoman for your company, organisation or government service. 24/7 and via every available channel, and amplified by and within a fast-moving digital context. Your product is constantly evolving and may turn into a service overnight. Such is the spirit of our age and it calls for a well-defined strategy: clearly stating what and who you are. You need to set a benchmark and be consistent in the relationship with your target group, clients, staff and your competitors. 

This strategy can adjust your positioning or brand architecture (the relationship between brands or companies) and also your media planning. A brand is a capital asset, both in the short and the long term. Your marketing and communication approach are also based on well-founded choices as part of a widely supported plan. This plan must be flexible and ambitious enough to let the company evolve within the market and sustainable enough to prepare the company for a distant future. 

Our strategists will gladly help you work out that strategy and implement it, using a custom-tailored instead of your everyday out-of-the-box approach and based on a transparent and well-founded analysis. Contextual, targeted and accurate. The methodology varies from market research to focus groups. From the intake interview down to the smallest output, our guiding principle remains unchanged: creating impact. ‘Collaboration’ is a constant in this regard. After all, no one knows your market and your brand better than you do, right?


Van den Bergh
head of strategy and create

Tom has a background in political communication, amongst others as director of communications for the Flemish Christian Democrats of CD&V where he played an instrumental role in the election campaigns of 2006, 2007 and 2009. He graduated as a social worker and went on to take numerous courses in (strategic) marketing and communication, amongst others at the UAMS (Advanced Marketing & Communication Management) and Vlerick Business School (Strategic B2B Marketing). In February 2010, Tom was recruited as a strategic/creative director. In this capacity he dispenses advice to a broad range of clients in government, B2B and B2C. He also manages the team of art directors and creative copywriters.

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