Stakeholder communication

Having a shared interest doesn’t mean you have people’s attention.

This form of communication has never been more important. Whatever project and organisation you are in charge of, you need a broad support base in order to be successful. The only way to create such a base is taking into account the needs, expectations and demands of all interested parties. And in order to do so, you need to communicate effectively with your stakeholders.

Our Stakeholders Tool brings together all those interested parties and their attitude towards your organisation in one single place. This unique software was developed on the basis of our own expertise working with numerous Belgian companies. This is how we know that the Stakeholder Tool will deliver what you need:

  • The tool automatically analyses who is an ambassador and who isn’t
  • It maps the position of the stakeholders over time
  • Next we determine the communication goal per stakeholder
  • From there we decide on the right approach and the means to enter into dialogue
managing director/partner

In 2007, Ivo co-founded RCA Public, the department specialising in strategic communication for governments and organisations. He also coaches and manages the communication advisors in the Brands department. Holder of a master’s degree in educational sciences, he has proven experience in process management and in solving marketing and communications issues. Until 1997 he was the regional manager for Strategic Plan Limburg. He then went on to manage employers’ association VKW. He coordinated all marketing and communication projects and built a network of socioeconomic organisations and companies. In 2008 he was named managing director of RCA Group. He is also actively involved in the strategic counselling of, amongst others, the European Social Fund, the Flemish government, Flemish public transport company De Lijn, the Public Employment Service  of Flanders VDAB,, Agentschap Natuur en Bos (the Agency for Nature and Forests), ... 


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