Recruitment communication

We make everyone want to work for you while only attracting suitable candidates.

Gone are the days when applicants would send in spontaneous applications. Job seekers today are more selective, critical and demanding in their choice of employment. They are looking for an employer who mirrors their personality. They also consult their network to find out if the appeal of the vacancy fits the reality. Applicants read more than just the papers nowadays and also look for employment on social media and online.

We provide recruitment communication that actually works. Creative or classic? Anything goes as long as it’s the right way to go. An appealing message draws the right profiles via the appropriate channels, exactly in those places where your target group is apt to look. And this is what guarantees optimum short-term results.


Within RCA Group, Sandra heads the day-to-day operations of the HR department. Our clients can not only depend on her well-founded advice but also on her meticulous follow-up during the actual implementation. After earning her bachelor’s degree in business management in 1991, Sandra spent two years with Bartok Audiovisuals getting to know the world of visual communication. Between 1993 and 1995 she worked in a financial capacity for Quintens Bakeries but soon realised her true calling was the communications sector, to which she returned in 1996. Over the years, she expanded the HR department from a one-woman show to a solid HR team with an extensive network of media partners. Today, both private companies and non-profit organisations call on RCA HR for advice, the design and development of recruitment communication, employer branding and internal communication. Our client portfolio includes KPMG, AVEVE, various selection agencies and hospitals, Borealis, etc. Sandra became an RCA Group shareholder in 2002 and made equal partner (20%) in 2008.

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