Press relations

Dealing with big egos and Napoleon complexes is a trade, oh ye beautiful and omniscient young supreme deity.

If you get positive press, public opinion will be on your side because journalists are perceived as impartial and, therefore, credible. Unfortunately, generating goodwill from the press is no small feat. Are you looking for extra media attention for your company or brand? If so, you need to proceed with caution and bring every ounce of expertise to bear that you can muster.

For over fifteen years, our experienced PR team has been building a relationship of trust with the press. How, you ask? By communicating with them on a regular basis and in a creative manner! To achieve this, we devise a PR stategy, we generate positive editorial attention for your brand and we monitor the impact. 


Bruno is a partner at RCA Group and is in charge of the press and PR department. He holds a master’s degree in communication science from the Catholic University of Leuven as well as a postgraduate degree in journalism from Vlekho college. After working as a journalist for Kluwer and as an accountant for PR agency Dialogic, Bruno established the press and PR department of RCA Group in 1999. Bruno boasts extensive experience in the fields of corporate and institutional communication, media relations, internal communication, public affairs, crisis communication and media training.

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