Media training

It’s never our intention to get you your own talk show but it’s been known to happen.

Whether you’re delivering good or bad news, how you come across in the media plays a crucial role in shaping the public image of yourself and your organisation. The content is key but the way in which you bring your message across is at least as important.

Our media training teaches clients how to deal with the media through realistic role plays, lots of do’s and don’ts and a focus on interview techniques and phrasing. We use just a little theory but the training is very practice-oriented: practice makes perfect and that certainly applies here. Also, the training is tailored to your specific wishes and background.

Van der Cruysse
senior communication advisor

Jan has a master’s degree in both law and communication studies, and also holds a postgraduate degree in marketing. For 5 years, he immersed himself in technology and management as an editor/chief editor for various trade magazines. In 1989 he became a communication manager at Aviapartner, a provider of ground handling services at Brussels Airport. He was appointed communication manager of the Brussels Airport Terminal Company (BATC) when the new airport terminal was inaugurated in 1994. For 20 years, he was in charge of communications with a wide variety of stakeholders at Brussels Airport and became an expert in crisis communication. As a multilingual spokesman for the airport, he was elected PR man of 2011 by the aviation media. He joined RCA in early 2015 as a senior communication advisor. He coaches many of our customers on the subjects of crisis and corporate communication, media training and press relations (a.o. the Flemish government, DAR/Communication department, BP Chembel, Vopak, DKV insurance, the Flemish professional association for dentists, Marlux, Europa Ziekenhuizen, etc.).

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