Digital marketing

It’s a bit like online dating for your brand (with multiple partners!).

Google Adwords, social media, e-mailings, affiliate marketing, … nowadays 7 in 10 companies are involved in some form of digital marketing. And that’s a good thing, too: no fewer than seven million Belgians from all walks of life are active online, 24/7! In other words, in terms of potential, the sky truly is the limit. This means that the online world, in all its many facets, is the cornerstone of an effective marketing strategy. We brew the ideal marketing mix for our clients. Your goals are our point of departure. Are you looking to build name awareness or customer loyalty? Or do you want to attract visitors or boost sales? Following a thorough target group and competition analysis, our strategic and creative team of experts will formulate a digital vision in order to realise these goals. The result? Effective campaigns. Measurable, fast and flexible. After all, RCA Group didn’t become an official Google partner by mistake!


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