Brand activation

A brand is somewhat like a shark in that it needs to keep moving in order to survive. We are proud to say that up to date we haven’t lost a single shark in our care.

Brand activation is all about building, reinforcing or changing your brand. Shaping a personality for your brand and building a fan base so that people prefer your brand to that of the competition. 

We pull out all the stops in order to make your brand an authority. Above or below the line? There is no line. With the right communication tools we can help you communicate with your target group. Our experienced communication advisors, art directors and creative copywriters are there to coach your brand from start to finish.

partner / service director

Wim is not only a partner at RCA Group, but he also oversees the production and purchase departments. In 1989 he completed his training in applied communications. Since then he has gained a lot of communication experience ranging from advertising campaigns and marketing communication to strategic communication advice. He has also enriched his knowledge working for different production houses, viz. Cineac and D&D. In addition, between 1995 and 1998 he worked for Radio Midden-Limburg and Radio 2 so he’s no stranger to radio communication either.

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